Welcome to Zombie Cabs! The Best Guitar Cab Impulse Responses! A New Level of Sound, Feel and Choice!

Guitar cab impulse responses made with a variety of real guitar tube amps. Guitar Cab IR’s where YOU get to choose your favorite amp used in the IR capturing process. Hear the difference!  Zombify Your Tone for that REAL TUBE AMP SOUND AND FEEL.

How are Zombie Cabs different than the rest?

To capture an impulse response you need to have the signal amplified through some sort of amplifier. While others use one or a few amplifiers to do this, we used a multitude of different Tube Amplifiers as well as a clean solid state amplifier (The solid state is Free with every set!)…Why? You choose what amplifier you prefer in your signal chain. Do you prefer EL34’s? We have you covered! Are you a 6L6 guy? Do you like the tone of EL84’s? Maybe you are not sure which tube amp is your favorite?…well, we give you many options; a solid state and seventeen different tube amps! No one else in the IR market offers what Zombie Cabs does!  “YOU get to choose what amplifier was used!” We give you the tools to create your own unique tone. Can you imagine the possibilities you can attain within your tracks with a wall of thick tubey tone, layered with different tube amp cab IR’s?…maybe an El34 for the verse?….maybe a 6L6 on the chorus?…maybe an EL84 or solid state for the leads? Limitless possibilities!

Try them out for Free! Free guitar cab impulse responses here!